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How Much Do Ignition Interlock Devices Cost?

Typically, an ignition interlock device costs between $70 and $150 to install, and $70 and $140 per month to lease. In some states, financial assistance is available for those who cannot afford the IID costs. 

The terms of this assistance vary by state. In some cases, the judge can determine eligibility. Offenders who are struggling to afford the IID costs should check to see if there are financial assistance programs available.

There are other factors that can increase the cost of your device.    

Additional Features on the Interlock Device

Some states require additional features to be included with interlock devices, such as a camera to record the user or real-time reporting capabilities. These additional features may make the device you need to install more expensive. Make sure you understand exactly what type of device and features are required by your state’s law and specific circumstances before entering a contract. 

Length of Time Ignition Interlock Device is Required

Since you will be leasing the device on a monthly basis, it will cost more the longer you are required to have it. Typically, the length of time is determined by the court. If your state is compliance-based, the term can lengthen depending on violations or testing failures. Make sure to remain compliant and on top of your interlock requirements.

Cost of Losing or Damaging Device

If you have lost the device, or damaged it due to your own actions (i.e. not an act of God such as storm damage), then you will be responsible for the cost. The devices cost several thousand dollars to purchase outright, though some providers offer monthly insurance options that will cover the cost in some situations. Tampering with the device can not only leave you on the hook for paying the full cost of the device, you may also have additional legal penalties from your state’s monitoring authority.

Costs for Calibration

The device must be calibrated regularly, which of course will require time from the customer. The cost of calibration is typically included in the lease price.

Costs for Lockouts

A lockout will occur if there are attempts to tamper with the device, or if a user has several failed tests in a row. The number of allowable lockouts varies by state. An interlock provider can help unlock the device, but typically a fee is charged for the service. This can be anywhere between $50 and $150. Lockouts are also reported to the state monitoring authority and may impact your interlock device term length.

Costs for Towing

If your vehicle needs to be towed as a result of a lockout, you will be responsible for the cost of the tow. (please note, by law an interlock device will NEVER lock you out while the car is in motion) This can cost up to $200 or more in some cases, depending on the circumstances and mileage of the tow.

Cost Varies Depending on Vehicles

The type of vehicle you drive can also impact the cost of your interlock device. Some vehicle installations are more costly because it takes more time or is more complicated to install the device. The installation cost does not impact the monthly lease cost, however. 

The cost per day is typically less than $3 a day, which is lower than public transportation in many areas. Additionally, the IID device cost is far less expensive than a second DUI offense would be.

Payment Methods and Additional Fees

Most interlock providers have online payment options, or allow users to pay via an app. The provider may charge a late fee on top of the cost of your interlock lease if you are late with a payment. If you damage or attempt to tamper with the device, you may be charged accordingly for the damages. Many interlock providers offer insurance to cover the device in case of a theft, an accident, or act of God. The devices are expensive, and the insurance will cover the cost of replacing or repairing a device that was damaged or stolen.