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DUI Traffic School Costs & FAQs

Traffic school isn’t a centralized institution. Rather, the term refers to a variety of programs, classes, and other corrective courses that people may have to take after a serious moving violation. 

This can include a speeding incident, car accident, DUI offense, and more. Some people even take these classes on a voluntary basis, to improve their own driving or to qualify for insurance discounts.

Traffic School Costs and What to Expect

There are multiple traffic school options, even when they are ordered by the court. The criteria may vary by state, as will the cost. Typically, a court will specify what type of course you need to take, or from which provider. There are several types of traffic school as well.

Taking the classes can help reduce a sentence or be a criteria for regaining driving privileges. 

Online Traffic School

There are many states that offer online traffic school options, particularly since COVID has changed in-person requirements for a variety of court proceedings. Typically, online courses involve watching videos, animations, or presentations and taking online exams to show you have gone through the material. Some may be live courses taught online, with exams throughout or a final exam.

Classroom Traffic School

Some traffic school options are offered in person. You can choose from a variety of options to find one that fits your schedule. An instructor would lead the class and proctor an exam to ensure all class participants have completed the work successfully and understand the concepts that were taught.

DVD/On-Demand Traffic School

There are also courses available via DVD or on demand online. In these cases the learning materials are mailed or accessed via the correct link. To finish the course, attendees may need to take an in-person exam at a state authority or finish the exam and send it back to the provider for evaluation.

Costs of Traffic School

The cost is variable depending on where you are attending and for what reason, but is typically between $20 and $50. However, in many cases, the value from taking the class exceeds the cost greatly. Successful completion of traffic school can result in a reduced sentence or even remove certain violations from your driving record, which will keep insurance costs low. Research the options to find the best price for your needs.

Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll in traffic school?

If you have not been ordered to enroll, taking a traffic school class can still help you out. It can prevent a ticket or points from being applied to your driving record. This means your insurance company won’t be informed, and your rates shouldn’t increase.

What happens if I elect to attend traffic school?

If you have the option to take traffic school and help your case, you need to complete the course before the deadline provided. If you do so, the conviction that led to a traffic school requirement will be confidential, or sealed, in your records. This is only true if you have the court’s permission. While it can help in many cases, taking a class is not an automatic out for a ticket or penalty.

How often can I attend traffic school?

If you are attending traffic school in order to reduce a sentence or remove charges from your record, you may run into some limitations. Many states limit how often you can attend traffic school to remove or hide violations from your record. Many will make you wait a year or two between each instance to be eligible for a traffic school option again.

Can traffic school help lower my insurance rate?

Yes, in some cases it can. If the violation is removed from your record, it won’t be reported to your insurance provider and thus cannot impact your rates. Also, some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who take state-licensed courses voluntarily. Make sure your insurance provider offers a discount and for which courses before enrolling.

Will points be removed from my license if I go to traffic school?

Possibly. If the court agrees that you are eligible to attend traffic school, and you complete it successfully, you would not have points applied to your record.

Will I still have to pay fines if I go to traffic school?

It depends on your state and the court process. Some states may reduce or eliminate certain fines if you attend traffic school. However, you will still be paying for the cost of traffic school.

Can Commercial Driver’s License holders take traffic school courses?

While you may be able to take voluntary courses, CDL holders are not eligible to complete traffic school courses in exchange for reduced penalties.