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Best Ignition Interlock Device Provider

When choosing an ignition interlock provider, the first step is to find out what providers are approved in your state. When interlock installation is mandatory, customers must select from a list of approved providers, as the devices must be monitored by the monitoring authority. 

Once you know which providers are available in your state, choose one that’s reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable. We’ve researched top brands and the most widely used interlock providers are Intoxalock, LifeSafer, Draeger (RoadGuard), and Smart Start. 

How can I find the best ignition interlock device?

Research the options and determine which one is most reliable, accurate, and cost-efficient. There are many differences between devices, including how to operate them, languages available, size, and more. Ignition interlock providers are held to high quality standards and if they don’t meet them, they may get suspended in that state. Research your chosen provider to determine if they have been suspended, as this can cause a headache if it occurs during your interlock term.

The #1 interlock brand, Intoxalock, has never been suspended in any state. 

What provider has the best pricing?

We analyzed ignition interlock device pricing, and determined that Intoxalock devices offer the most features for the lowest price. Other vendors have cheaper pricing, but suffer in quality. They also forgo necessary features like cameras, GPS, and real-time reporting, which are often required by the court. Intoxalock does offer discounts in many states, including free installation or the first-month free, as well as flexible payment options.

What provider has the best technology?

Intoxalock has been preventing drunk driving incidents for decades. All their devices have been certified to meet regulations in 46 states. Their interlocks go through rigorous testing for their devices, and it seems they make  accuracy a top priority. In fact, the company helped develop the fuel-cell technology that is widely used today. 

What provider is the easiest to use?

We reviewed several devices, and determined Intoxalock’s handheld is the easiest to use.

Their device has a simple one-button design, and users submit a blow test with the blow-inhale-blow breath pattern. This is easier than others, which require more complex blowing patterns that can be difficult for some to perform, including the hum method or a straight blow.

The hum method is tricky to execute correctly and allows a lot of room for error. Customers with hum method devices describe the process as frustrating and confusing. While straight blow devices are easy to use, they can be inaccurate and many states will not approve them.

What provider has the most convenient locations?

Intoxalock has more locations than any other provider, with more than 5,000 service centers nationwide. Finding a convenient location is important, as you will be returning to a service center regularly for device calibration.