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Breakdown of Car Breathalyzer Costs

Drunk driving is a very costly offense. There are expenses including financial penalties, increased insurance costs, lost wages, and interlock costs. We will break down the various car breathalyzer costs specifically.

Car Breathalyzer Monthly Lease Fee

Ignition interlock devices, or car breathalyzers, are leased rather than purchased outright. This is because they are very expensive to purchase outright, and also so the state monitoring authority can work with the provider to obtain testing data. The monthly cost for leasing does vary by state, and also the type of device you need. Some states require devices with cameras, for example. Your lease length, car type, and features may impact pricing. 

Typically, devices cost between $60 and $90 a month.

Car Breathalyzer Installation Cost

Your ignition interlock device must be installed by an approved provider. This is because the state monitoring authority works with the provider to access testing data. Also, this requirement ensures devices are properly installed by trained technicians, and customers’ cars are not damaged. 

Installation costs will vary depending on the type of device and your state, but typically run between $70 and $100.

Lockout Fees

Car breathalyzers are intended to prevent drunk driving, and failing multiple breath tests in a row can result in a device lockout. This means that the offender will not be able to start their car without contacting their interlock provider and possibly paying a fine. If the failures were legitimate, states with compliance-based interlock policies may lengthen the offender’s interlock term as well, creating further monthly leasing costs. 

Car Breathalyzer Discounts and Promotions

Some providers offer discounts on car breathalyzer installation or leasing. Interlock.com has researched affordable providers so you don’t have to. Contact us at 877-370-7308 and we can help you find the best provider for your budget.

Financial Assistance for Car Breathalyzers

Many states offer financial assistance. Your attorney should be able to tell you if you qualify. Not all states offer assistance, and the criteria for qualification vary by state.