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Getting Your Car Repaired When You Have an Interlock Device

Every vehicle needs routine maintenance and the occasional repair — even those vehicles with an ignition interlock device installed. In most cases, you’ll have your ignition interlock device installed for six months or more, so it’s likely you’ll need regular maintenance like an oil change during your interlock term. It’s also possible you’ll need a different kind of repair, or a part will need replacing. 

You might be hesitant to make those repairs, but maintaining your vehicle is necessary and can be done even if you have a car breathalyzer installed. Ignoring tasks like getting an oil change can seriously damage your engine, so you should make sure to stay on top of regular maintenance. Whatever service you are getting, you will need to take a few extra steps to prepare to have the maintenance performed:

Notify Your Mechanic

If possible, you can take your car to your Intoxalock service center, if they provide the services you need. If not, make sure to tell your mechanic you have an interlock. Many mechanics will have experience working on a vehicle with an ignition interlock, but making sure your preferred shop can handle it is always a good idea. When you make the appointment, tell the shop you have a device installed. During the maintenance, your mechanic will need to submit breath samples, so you should take an extra mouthpiece for them to use.  

Report Maintenance to Your Interlock Provider

Your interlock provider likely requires you to do this, but even if they don’t, it can help. That way, if anything occurs leading to a lockout, they will know you are not responsible. Report the start date and time of service prior to the service appointment. Once the appointment is complete you should also report that service is finished. 

When you report maintenance ahead of time, any power interruptions or missed tests will be on record as occurring during maintenance. 

Bring the Instruction Manual

You should bring any instructions or directions for your device you received from your interlock provider to share with your mechanic, so they can reference if needed. 

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