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Mobile Ignition Interlock Device Installation: FAQs

In some states, interlock providers are allowed to offer mobile installation services. This means that the installation technician will come to you at your home or workplace to install your interlock device. In some cases, you may need to visit the installation center for calibration, but other states also offer mobile calibration services.

What is mobile installations for interlock devices

This term may be confusing to those not familiar with interlock devices. Typically, the devices are installed at a certified service center by a technician. 

Mobile installation does not involve your mobile phone, nor does it mean that the interlock device is portable.

Instead, it simply means that the installation technician comes to your location to install the device. They will go over how the device works and provide you with a certificate of installation.

Why should I choose an interlock provider that offers mobile installation?

If you are having trouble finding an interlock provider near you, you can look into this option. Convenience is important, as you will need to return to have your device calibrated. 

What ignition interlock providers offer mobile installation?

You may need to check with your preferred provider, as this service can vary by state. Intoxalock, a national ignition interlock provider, has the largest service center network in the nation with mobile installers in 22 states which includes; California, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Illinois.