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State-Required Interlock Device Types & Features

Ignition interlock devices are typically mandated following a drunk driving offense (DUI, OUI, DWI, or OWI). The devices allow offenders to drive, but require them to take a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) test and pass before they can start their vehicle.

What Kind of Ignition Interlock Device Do I Need?

Each state has its own unique interlock policy and may have different criteria regarding which device is required depending on the specifics of the offense. We share some of the different types of interlock devices you can find, but if you are unsure, your attorney should be able to help you. 

Will I Need an Interlock Device With a Camera?

Some states require devices that have cameras in them, and offenders are required to take a photo or record themselves testing. This is to help ensure that the right person provides the breath sample, and serves as a record of tests and who they were performed by.

Camera units are becoming more common across the nation. Intoxalock does offer device options with cameras included if you are required to have a camera device. The devices only take photos when you are testing, and will not capture random videos or photos at other times. 

Will My Interlock Device Have GPS?

You may need to have an ignition interlock device that is equipped with GPS. Many devices do, and many states require them. The GPS helps with tracking information, especially in states that limit IID license holders to specific locations.

Does My Interlock Device Need to Offer Real-Time Reporting?

Once again, it depends on your state. The good news is, if you do need this feature, many devices offer it. Real-time reporting shares information with the state monitoring authority and allows for better monitoring, especially in states with a compliance-based interlock policy.

How Can I Choose My Interlock Device and Provider?

It’s likely that your state has mandated a specific type of interlock device, so you should not need to choose. Make sure you are aware of the requirements and which devices are approved before installing. If you have questions, Interlock.com can help. Fill out this form and we will reach out to answer any questions.